Expert Roofer Reveals The Best Shingles For Your House

I have been asked many times what some of the best shingles to use are. I'll give you a couple of top picks of mine that I have been using for 32 years.

Timberline GAF Lifetime Architectural Shingles

Timberline, a company based in New Jersey, has very effective lifetime product now – their GAF Advanced Protection Shingle. The company put in a lot of research into the development of this product. They ran 185 separate tests to determine the optimal design for an asphalt shingle. It possesses all of the follow important properties that are ideal for your roof: fire resistance, toughness, flexibility, wind uplift resistance, and granule adhesion.

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How durable is a Timberline shingle? Well there are two industry standards in terms of wind resistance. ASTM D3161 Class F is the first. Meeting this test means that your roof can withstand storm force winds up to 110 miles per hour. The other standard is the ASTM D7158 Class H certification. This signifies your roof can resist winds up to a whopping 150 miles per hour. Every GAF shingle meets both of these tests, the toughest in the industry, and was the first to be able to claim that.

roof with heritage shingles

You can go up in price and color and thickness depending on your pocketbook. Each of these products also come with a lifetime guarantee in terms of your material. If we at Armor Roofing put your roof on you will also get a lifetime guarantee on the labor as well.

Tamko Build Products Heritage Asphalt Shingles

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We also have Tamko which is out of Joplin. It has its Heritage line of shingles. It's a lifetime product also. As a roofing company here in Kansas City we have a lifetime guarantee on labor on these products to match Tamko's materials warranty, making sure your entire roof is covered.

The Tamko product has excellent aesthetic qualities to go along with its durability. You can buy varieties that are made to look like wood, without the hassles of a wood roof. As with all things, each individual home owner will like the look of one particular brand and variety of shingle over another. These shingles are also guaranteed for 15 years to resist winds of up to 130 miles per hour when installed properly.

CertainTeed Brand Shingles

We also have another product out of Texas now. CertainTeed which is the third pick, they also have a lifetime product that is out of Texas.

Each one of these products when applied with six nails per shingle will give you at least a 120 mile per hour wind uplift. If you are living in the Kansas City area, then you are going to need shingles that can withstand the volatile weather here in this part of the country.

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